The Love Master Season 2 information
The Love Master Season 2

Other name: The Love Master 2 , Yeonaedosa Sijeun 2 , 연애도사 2

Country: China

Genres: Romance

Date aired: Aug 23, 2021 - Nov 8, 2021

Status: Completed           Views: 33,401           Bookmark


Thanks to the ardent support from Season 1, we’re back with Season 2! True Master, Hong Jin Kyeong, who will give out straightforward advice to frustrating relationships, Hong Hyun Hee with the radar that can find the best suitable bridegroom, and the love helper, Shindong, will be with us again for the second season. If you want to regain your lost luck of love, behold, for the dating counseling prepared just for you! In this new season, you’ll be able to experience whole another level of counseling with many more celebrities!

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