Ristorante Coreano information
Ristorante Coreano

Country: South Korea

Genres: Cooking, Cooking Show, Lifestyle, Variety Show

Date aired: 2019

Status: Completed           Views: 61,373           Bookmark


After living in South Korea for more than ten years, Italian native, Alberto Mondi, decides it’s time to return home, but he’s taking a bit of Korea with him.

Returning to Milan, the city in northern Italy where he grew up, Mondi dreams of opening a Korean restaurant in his bustling hometown. But taking on such an epic task isn’t going to be easy. Lucky for him, Okyery Samuel, and David McInnis have agreed to help their friend as he sets out to make his dream come true.

Sharing a love of Korean food and culture, the three men are well on their way to making Mondi’s dream come true; tackling the numerous problems that arise along the way, together. But can three foreigners open a successful Korean restaurant in the heart of northern Italy?

Offering an interesting new look at the connection between food and culture, Ristorante Coreano is a Viki Original 2019 variety show directed by Han Ryong, Ahn Hyun Woo, and Lee Hyun Sook.

Episode name Day Added
Ristorante Coreano Episode 7 3/3/2020
Ristorante Coreano Episode 6 1/23/2020
Ristorante Coreano Episode 5 1/23/2020
Ristorante Coreano Episode 4 1/23/2020
Ristorante Coreano Episode 3 1/23/2020
Ristorante Coreano Episode 2 1/23/2020
Ristorante Coreano Episode 1 1/23/2020
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